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2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt To Repair Your Car's Broken Windshield Yourself

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After discovering that your car's windshield is cracked, you may be concerned about the damage. Not only does it distract your eyes while driving, but the crack has weakened the windshield, making it more likely to shatter due to air pressure, high winds, or a small bump to your car.

Because of these concerns, you may be thinking about fixing the crack yourself by purchasing a repair kit. However, you should not attempt to do this; instead, have an auto glass repair service fix the broken windshield for you.

1.  Glass Will Be Repaired and Sealed Properly With Specialized Tools

One reason why you should not try to fix your own windshield is that there is a decreased chance that you will be able to properly repair and seal the glass after the crack is filled. Not only does this job require the right filler solution to adhere to the sides of the cracked glass, but it also requires specialized tools to which a professional would have access.

If you do not have these tools or the right filler, the patch created within the crack will not fully adhere to the glass. As a result, the filler could fall out. Or, even if the filler stays in place, the crack may grow or even spider web, causing micro-cracks that will further weaken the windshield.

2.  Glass Won't Shatter During or After the Repair

Another reason why it is better to leave the repairs on your car's windshield to professionals is that there is an increased risk that the glass will shatter either during or after you complete them. During the job, if you do not know the proper techniques or the right pressure to apply, the already weakened windshield may break further.

Even if you get through the job without shattering the windshield, there is a chance that the filler and seal were improperly applied or did not set correctly. Because of this, the glass will stay weak and pose a greater risk of shattering while you are driving afterward. 

If you have a cracked windshield and attempt to fix it yourself, you run the risk of having it shatter or even leak because you may not have the experience or tools required to repair and seal the glass properly. Instead of trying to take on this task by yourself, have a professional do it by contacting an auto glass repair company near you and making an appointment to have them examine and fix your car's windshield.