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Auto Glass Replacements: Benefits Of Using An Auto Glass Shop Versus A Car Dealership

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Auto glass replacements are among the most common auto glass services every car owner needs. Nonetheless, when looking for auto glass replacement services, you can go to a car dealership or an auto glass shop. You may prefer to go to a dealership hoping your car warranty covers auto glass repairs. However, most car warranties only cover transmission and engine repairs. You may have to spend money on auto glass replacement services. Going to a car glass shop provides several benefits you don't get at a car dealership. Here are two reasons you should opt for a car glass shop instead of a dealership.   

1. Less Waiting Time  

In most cases, you prefer to have your auto glass replacements done as soon as possible. But, most car dealerships don't have replacement auto glass parts in their inventory. They must order a replacement window or windshield before installing it on your car. You may have to wait several days or weeks for the order to arrive. Auto glass shops have replacement car windows and windshields in their inventory. You don't have to wait for them to order a replacement car window or windshield. It is pretty easy for a car glass shop to fix your car on the same day you take it to them. Hence, if you need auto glass replacements done quickly, a car auto glass shop will do the job much faster than a car dealership.   

2. Multiple Auto Glass Options   

When looking for auto glass replacements, you can use aftermarket or OME auto glass replacements. OME auto glass replacements come from the original manufacturer of your car. Aftermarket auto glass replacements come from a different manufacturer. Car owners usually want to save money on their auto glass replacements. Most people opt for aftermarket auto glass replacements because they cost less than OME auto glass replacements. Car dealerships only provide OME auto glass replacements because they operate under a car manufacturer's brand. Thus, a car dealership limits you to using OME auto glass replacements. Car glass shops are independent establishments not limited to one car manufacturer's products. Consequently, auto glass shops are free to provide OME and aftermarket auto glass replacements. Opting for an auto glass shop provides you with more options than a car dealership. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, you can use aftermarket auto glass replacements to save money. But, if you opt for a car dealership, you do not have such an option. Hence, you have to spend more money on OME auto glass replacements.