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Auto Glass Repair: Exposing The Myths

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If you are like most people, you have probably heard at least one of the common myths below regarding auto glass repair. What makes these myths so dangerous is that they are so widespread many people simply assume they must be true. As a result, many people put off getting the auto glass repairs that they need. Taking the time to learn the facts behind these myths can prevent you from making the same mistake.

Myth: You Have To File A Claim With Your Insurance Company Before Seeking Out Auto Glass Repairs

The Truth:

If your auto insurance includes glass coverage, you can seek out these repairs immediately without contacting your insurance company first. This is because most major insurance providers realize that damaged auto glass can cause a serous safety hazard and can ultimately cause an accident. That is why they make the process of using your glass coverage much easier than when seeking out other types of repairs. In fact, many auto glass repair companies will be able to verify your coverage and complete the necessary repairs the very same day without you needing to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. 

Myth: You Will Not Be Able To Drive Your Car Right After Having Your Auto Glass Repaired Or Replaced

The Truth:

Perhaps the most common reason that people put off getting their auto glass repaired is that they do not want to be without a working vehicle for any significant period of time. This is really quite unfortunate because the truth is that there is no need to stop driving your vehicle just because your auto glass was recently repaired or replaced. In most cases, it will be safe to begin driving again as soon as the repairs are complete. In fact, if you choose to use mobile auto glass repair services, you will never even need to skip a beat when it comes to having full use of your vehicle. 

Myth: It Is Safe To Drive Short Distances With Damaged Auto Glass

The Truth:

No matter how minor the damage to your auto glass may be, it simply is not safe to continue driving your vehicle without having this damage repaired. This is because the damage to your auto glass can spread quickly and without notice. Furthermore, a damaged windshield has the potential to shatter if you put off having it repaired. These issues can interfere with your ability to see and can result in an accident. Consequently, it is never a good idea to put off auto glass repairs regardless of how limited your time on the road may be. 

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