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4 Reasons To Hire A Competent Contractor To Install A Glass Shower Door

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You probably plan to install a glass shower door when it is time to revamp your bathroom. However, like most homeowners, you might be concerned about the installation. For that reason, many contractors recommend tempered glass shower doors. However, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to try out DIY installations. The following are reasons to hire an expert for all your glass shower door installations.  1. Resizing Can Be Challenging     Read More»

Why You Should Opt For A Car Windshield Replacement

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Car windshields are crafted from laminated glass to ensure their durability and reduce the possibility of damage in case of impact. However, your windshield is susceptible to occasional damage despite the sturdy material. Depending on the severity of the sustained damage, your windshield may develop a small crack.  While you may brush off the crack as a cosmetic issue, it is essential to seek car windshield replacement services as soon as possible. Read More»

4 Benefits Of Adding A Glass Stair Railing In Your Commercial Building

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When it is time to pick a stair railing for your commercial building, you will have numerous options. However, there is one option that is often overlooked that you may want to try—a glass stair railing. It can bring style, glamour, and other perks to your commercial property. This article will take a fresh look at why a glass stair railing can be a worthy addition to your commercial property. Read More»

Auto Glass Repair: Exposing The Myths

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If you are like most people, you have probably heard at least one of the common myths below regarding auto glass repair. What makes these myths so dangerous is that they are so widespread many people simply assume they must be true. As a result, many people put off getting the auto glass repairs that they need. Taking the time to learn the facts behind these myths can prevent you from making the same mistake. Read More»

Auto Glass Replacements: Benefits Of Using An Auto Glass Shop Versus A Car Dealership

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Auto glass replacements are among the most common auto glass services every car owner needs. Nonetheless, when looking for auto glass replacement services, you can go to a car dealership or an auto glass shop. You may prefer to go to a dealership hoping your car warranty covers auto glass repairs. However, most car warranties only cover transmission and engine repairs. You may have to spend money on auto glass replacement services. Read More»

3 Residential Window Problems You Can Repair

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When your home has a drafty, broken, or stuck window, taking quick action is crucial. A damaged window can be a disaster for your energy bill and a blemish on your home’s curb appeal. Before you commit to a wholesale replacement of the damaged window, take a moment to consider if repair might be a better option. Repairing a window can be much less expensive than replacing it, but not all issues are good candidates for repair. Read More»

3 Tips For Keeping Your Frameless Shower Doors Clean And Crystal Clear

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Frameless shower doors can easily change the look of your entire bathroom for the better. In fact, these doors can even make a small bathroom appear larger. However, these aesthetic benefits strongly rely on your ability to keep your new glass doors clean and crystal clear. Thankfully, accomplishing this task can be much easier than you may imagine when using the three tips outlined below.  Tip #1: Apply A Water-Resistant Barrier  Read More»

3 Types Of Residential Window Tints And Their Unique Qualities

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Window tints are commonly used in cars to protect the car and the driver from the sun’s rays. However, the same invention is now being used in homes. So if you live in areas with scorching sun, you need to try out residential window tinting. However, you should know that window tints vary, so your residential window tinting company should highlight the types available before installation. While they all block different levels of sunlight, each has unique features and benefits. Read More»